Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leader in Me Book Study

This time last year, I participated in a book study of The Leader in Me by Stephen R. Covey.  The book most certainly initiated some major discussion among the five of us participating.  This group of five were able to attend The Leader in Me Symposium.  It was such a great trip and the fact that it was in Myrtle Beach, SC added to our enjoyment.
We were able to visit three schools, which have all achieved The Leader in Me School status.  There was so much to see and at times, it was difficult to take it all in. 

We were ecstatic to return to our own school and get started!  We each returned to our respective roles.  I, as a 6th grade teacher, came back to share all that I learned with my teammates.  Thankfully, they were supportive and did what they could to join this leadership initiative.  Even within a few months, we began seeing changes within our students; their behavior, their academic performance, and their willingness to take on leadership for themselves. 
We were excited about what we were seeing!

Towards the end of the year, we learned that two of the five original book study friends were transferring to different schools. 

As we began a new school year, with several changes occurring within the school, Leader in Me and its efforts seemed to have gone onto the back burner. 


In an effort to regroup and to get more teachers within our school more familiar with The Leader in Me and the paradigm shift that it requires, a new book study has begun.

Today, was the first day of our book study.  I am serving as the facilitator, which I'm looking forward to.  I so enjoyed the time we had together with the other ten individuals.  Those that are participating offer thought-provoking comments and great discussion.  I am looking forward to where this book study leads.

Are you interested in facilitating or participating in The Leader in Me book study?
Click here for the Book Study Guide

I'll post the efforts being made as a result of this book study  Stay Tuned.

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