Friday, June 14, 2013

"Kids Don't Learn from People they Don't Like"

As an assignment in my graduate class, I was asked to watch speakers on TED talk on Education.  The speakers were great, and I was truly encouraged, inspired, and challenged. 
I am a major advocate for student leadership within the classroom, which is a product of student relationships.  I laughed with Rita Pierson as she spoke, resonated with her address, and was challenged by her statements.  I wanted to share with my blog friends.

I would love your thoughts on this! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Currently in June

HGTV.... our TV at home literally goes days without being changed.  Some go for the sappy love movies, some go for action packed films, some go for reality, Brandon & I, however, go for the Home and Garden TV.  Now, that's quality! :)

Summer Break! The last day of school with students was on May 24th.  We had work days all last week, which ended on June 1st.  Therefore, this girl is on SUMMER BREAK and that's not even the best part! The most exciting thing about this summer is that .... wait for it..... it is 3.months.long.!!!
That's right.  This last school year, we began school in early August, but the State has mandated that no school can begin before August 25th.  Because we started early, we finished early (May 24) and because of the new mandate, we start late (Aug. 26).  This means that this year, and I'm certain this is the only year, teachers and students are out for 3.Solid.Months.  We are currently on day 2 of 87.  B-LISS!

Just like Farley, my room will be used during summer.  Ugh.  This is beyond annoying!  In fact, it is down right irritating.  Summer Day Camp uses a wing of our school each year, this year, they are on my wing.  I totally get that they will not be in need of my room for the next three years, but I'm not worried about then... I'm ill about now.  :) So... I have locked up, strapped down, and even busted out the zip-ties.  I have one more bookcase to cover with butcher paper and we are set.  That is on tomorrow's Absolutely To Do list.

I do have a couple books that I want to read this summer, but in the amazing case that I finish them, I'm looking for any suggestions that my friends would like to share.... so let me know.  What books are you planning on reading this summer? Any genre: teaching, fiction, nonfiction... I'm game.

We have lived in our apartment for 5.5 years and the time has come.... that spare bedroom MUST get cleaned out and organized - right after I cover my bookcase and read the books you suggest.  :)

My 3 Vacay Essentials are: Sunglasses. Books. Sweet Tea.  I mean, who could not have a super summer day with these three items?  I mean, really.  The three of these items are what transforms everyday into a Vacay Day!