Monday, July 29, 2013

Lesson Plan Book

I love it when my husband recognizes my state of deep thought and asks what I am thinking about.  My answer, "What lesson plan book I'm going to use this year."  :)

So... here it is:
I teach two subjects to two classes: Language Art & Social Studies.  I didn't really want or need one of the traditional lesson plan book.  So I'm trying something new.

I went to Target and got a regular yearly/weekly planner book.  It has a fun cover, spiral, room to plan.  This one can be found at Target or online here

Did a little personalization...

I like this "plain-ole" planner because it has a month at a glance- which any other month than August, will allow me to jot down topics and units so I can see the month all at once.

I also have the weekly pages.  I did draw a line down the middle of the weekly pages.  This way, I have two different boxes to write down the plans for both of the subjects I teach.

I will write down the weekly vocabulary & To Do items in the boxes for Saturday & Sunday.

I think this is going to work well for what I need it for. 
Just in case you too are in need of  a lesson plan, that's different than the traditional 100 squares on one page lesson plan book.... try something simple.  

Monday, July 1, 2013

Currently - July

Laundry - it's a beautiful sound, when you have nothing clean.  :) I have been gone for the week - nuff said. 

Home with Brando - As mentioned, I have been gone for a week.  Not really out of town, but not at home.  I have been coordinating a program called World Changers in my hometown.  "See what happen is"... youth groups from churches chose to attend a World Changers project (there are around 75 across the U.S.)  I had 200 6th-12th grade students and their adults that came to my hometown.  They stay at the Middle School, where they sleep on air mattresses and cots.  They work throughout the week on homes in our area, needing assistance i.e. roofing, painting, ramps, porches, etc.  It was a great week, but this girl is glad to be home before the next week begins.

Grad Assignments - This journey is coming to an end and I am pumped! All assignments are due by midnight tonight and July 24 is the last day!!!

Clean this House - Because I have been gone for World Changers for the last week and getting ready for World Changers the week before that... completing an internship the two weeks before is safe to say that this house.... needs cleanin'

Blog Tip - The Font Matters! Though we so love those super cute fonts, sometimes they can be difficult to read.  I'm thinking I may need to change mine...for easier reading

Happy July Friends!