Monday, July 29, 2013

Lesson Plan Book

I love it when my husband recognizes my state of deep thought and asks what I am thinking about.  My answer, "What lesson plan book I'm going to use this year."  :)

So... here it is:
I teach two subjects to two classes: Language Art & Social Studies.  I didn't really want or need one of the traditional lesson plan book.  So I'm trying something new.

I went to Target and got a regular yearly/weekly planner book.  It has a fun cover, spiral, room to plan.  This one can be found at Target or online here

Did a little personalization...

I like this "plain-ole" planner because it has a month at a glance- which any other month than August, will allow me to jot down topics and units so I can see the month all at once.

I also have the weekly pages.  I did draw a line down the middle of the weekly pages.  This way, I have two different boxes to write down the plans for both of the subjects I teach.

I will write down the weekly vocabulary & To Do items in the boxes for Saturday & Sunday.

I think this is going to work well for what I need it for. 
Just in case you too are in need of  a lesson plan, that's different than the traditional 100 squares on one page lesson plan book.... try something simple.  

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