Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently December

I am back at it!
Though I have been "out of sight", blogging certainly hasn't been "out of mind".  I think of it all the time and think what great posts I could have, but it's the sitting-down-to-do-it part that I struggle with.
Anyhow... I'm getting there. 
And today, I'm back at it and sharing with you what I am doing currently.

I have been out of school for an entire week!  That's right! It has been great. I have spent 5 days with my Brandon, which has been so fantastic! We have celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends and family, we have shopped a little, crafted a little, cleaned a little, and I planned.... none. So... for now, knowing that school starts back tomorrow and I will have 3 classes of 12 year olds surrounding me all day... I am enjoying the silence, while it lasts. :)

I am so loving that Christmas Break is three weeks from now.  Not only did we have a week off for Thanksgiving, but in three weeks, we will get another two weeks off!  YIPPEEEEE..... who cares we will be going to school until June 12th (until June gets here)

I do not do well with Christmas shopping.  I always think I have much longer than I really do. I'm not sure why I do this considering every aspect of my life is centered around calendar, but anyhow... I do. 

I really want to go to Dollywood, which is Dolly Parton's theme park in TN (about 2 hours away) and see the Christmas lights.  They are beautiful! You should go if you ever get the chance... not only at Christmas, but any season... it will be worth it. Take some time to enjoy the mountains.

How does my car get so messy so quickly? I don't get it.  One day, I will grow up and keep a clean car, but until then, I will continue to schedule cleanings. :/

My favorite tradition is meeting my dad for breakfast on Christmas Eve morning.  I have always loved this tradition.  This year, he and my mom are hosting breakfast at their house on Christmas Eve, which is equally exciting.  I am thankful for this precious tradition that I share with my sweet daddy.

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  1. Ahh man, I always have a messy car! I hate that about myself.
    I found you through the Currently.


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