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My name is Nancy and I am thrilled that you have stopped by!
I remember it clearly.  My principal had come to me to let me know that my current interim position would in fact, turn into a permanent teaching position.  I was elated! It was the words that came next that left me paralyzed in fear, "we look forward to having you next year in the 6th grade."  I froze.  I forced a "thank you" from my lips and a smile to go a long with it. He walked on up the hallway.  My mind raced. The thought of teaching the 6th grade made me break out in sweat and left me confident that my future students would eat me alive. 
That was two years ago. 
When I think back to that day, I can't help but smile.  At that moment, I could not even imagine the amount of love and laughter that my 6th grade students would offer.  Hence, the title of my blog.
 This blog is titled after to the two reasons why I teach, and probably, the reasons you teach as well.

The purpose in this blog is to share classroom how-tos and the happenings of my 6th grade classroom.   

I oh-so love comments, suggestions, and feedback so please feel free to comment away!

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